S C H O O L  F E A T U R E S

Our school, 方方樂趣 was named by Dr. Gordon PEI. It means fun from all corners of the world. He wants all teachers to give fun to all their pupils. The English name Funful was named by Mr. Juling Chen. Funful means full of fun. When he gave this name, he said,” Learning is fun, children should grow among this fun.” We maintain our principle, establish our school with love, teach with love and educate with love. We use love to practice our school motto, Faith, Hope, Love and Truth.”
Funful encourages children to have a positive attitude towards learning, read extensively, pay attention to self-respect, hygiene, politeness, manner and maintaining good relationship with others, good relationship between parents and children. We encourage children to take part in Happy Bee and Junior Road Safety Patrol. Children are thus able to broaden their horizon.
Funful brings classrooms to the community. Our headmistress frequently takes our pupils overseas to places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan for exchange program. She has also taken our choir to sing in Australia, Vienna and the Philippines. Members can widen their scope of vision. They also learn different  ways of getting along with people. Pupils also take active roles in community services, they learn to be global citizens. They have a caring heart towards their families ,friends and neighbours. These will benefit them throughout their whole life.