Education is everywhere

Dr. Lady. Delia Pei BBS., JP.  How should children be taught and from what angle is it the most suitable? This is one of the most argued question. Some experts think that children can learn though playing, and that books are used as teaching tools. Or according to some modern saying, books are not necessary, and that there is no need to limit the children, let them choose what they like to learn. For instance, they can choose the reading books and toys in the classroom. If they want to create an art work, they just choose the materials themselves. In fact, children are like a piece of blank paper, a seedling. If no artists add his creation on this piece of paper, how can the picture be colourful? If no one waters and fertilizes the seedling, how can it grow properly? As I always say, "Education is everywhere". Of course, theory is necessary, but isn't it too dangerous just to rely on theory?

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Date :21st September,2018 (Friday) Time : 6:30p.m.~9:30p.m Programs: Art and Crafts, Game booths Lantern Design Competition for parents & Children Venue: Sear Rogers International School (15 Tong Yam Street, Tai Hang Tung, Kowloon) Funful Sear Rogers International School (1 Cumberland Road, Kowloon Tong)


日期:二零一八年九月二十一日(星期五) 時間:晚上六時三十分至九時三十分 節目:手工藝及親子花燈設計比賽、攤位遊戲 地點:弘爵國際學校 (中學部)九龍大坑東棠蔭街15號 方方樂趣弘爵國際學校(小學部)九龍塘金巴倫道一號 歡迎參觀 免費入場

Accepting Applications for Year 2019/2020

Age: 2 years old to 6 years old Classes: Nursery, K1, K2 and K3 Application Form Distribution Date: 24th August to 21st September 2018 (Office hour) Application Form Submission Date: 22nd September to 2nd November2018 (Office hour)

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